Parametric & Non-parametric relationships in Strength Training

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Something to help a little bit easily understand Parametric & Non Parametric relationships in training.


Parametric usually tends to mean they are directly related to one another but are inversely proportional, if one is high, the other has to be low for the same directly related movement. Eg. Fm & Vm.


Non Parametric are also directly related to each other but more often than not there is a positive correlation between the two. Eg. Fmm is going to make Vm  higher for a movement that requires lesser than Fm of course. Eg, Bench press to Shot put carry over.


Parametric & Non-parametric relationships.

Parametric & Non-parametric relationships

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Originally posted on Iron Mc's:

In the training of qualified athletes knowing how different levels of velocity, force, and rate of force development(R.O.F.D.) have an effect on each other, and how different means in training effect these attributes as displayed in sporting movements is a key to solid programming.  All strength training means must help to build the strength which will produce the required force, velocity, and/or R.O.F.D. required in the sport to have a place in a program.  To understand what means and methods to use in the program of an athlete in a specific sport it is necessary to understand Parametric and Non-Parametric relationships.

A Parametric relationship as applies to sporting movements relates to the Vm (velocity maximum) and the Fm force maximum), and their relationship in a given exercise.  These two movement attributes share a parametric relationship; if you alter a given parameter in an exercise both will be affected.  For instance…

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First 4 Plate Deadlift. 405lbs/181kg RAW. Zyzz Tribute.

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I know a lot of different people visit the blog from a LOT of different countries, and not everyone is able to either visit or find out about the existence of the Youtube Channel ( and the Facebook Page(, so I think updating the blog asap with video updates is the best thing!

For further description of the video please do check out the video description itself!

Hope you enjoyed the end result even a 1/100th of what I enjoyed building up to it! :)

NewUXtreme Fitness’ YouTube

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Hey, just a blog post update since I don’t really link most of my videos into the blog. I’ll be coming up with a blog post on my experiences at the Sheru Classic 2012 pretty soon. The next video I’m going to be coming up with is one on a home made weight gainer. Stay subbed and stay tuned for a LOT more interesting videos.

Muscle Imbalances

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I have this issue which i wanted to discuss and want to know how to deal wid it
my right biceps is 13 inchs but my left is 12.2 approx (i m right handed) so should i be concerned or its natural ????  

Don’t worry, the human body looks symmetrical only at a macroscopic level.

One of your arms is longer than the other. Right if you are a right handed person. Same for your legs. Muscle imbalances are inevitable whether you lift weights or not, simply being active in life in certain activities and not in others, will create the chance of imbalances.

Barbell exercises are always easier than DB counterparts for the same reason, the stronger side helps get the entire poundage up and the weaker side just supports. Stronger side gets stronger weaker gets weaker. Even one of your chest/pectoral muscles is stronger than the other, though that is generally hard to be seen visually.

EDIT : Also I forgot mentioning, a lot of strength imbalances are not because of one side being bigger/or more muscular than the other, but rather just having better neuron/nerve signalling than the other. Again nothing to worry about.

Also remember that even insertions and origins aren’t identical in the left and right limbs. Arnold has a beautiful peak in one of his biceps but not the other, and it’s not because he didn’t work the other arm equally.

What to do about them?
The advantage we have as being part of the weight training population is that we can actually do something about these imbalances and fix them. Obviously there is an imbalance in strength between the two and we can check it by isolating the muscle group.

I personally had never actually directly trained my hamstrings till about a year or so ago, since they would get worked through compound lifts or as assistors. And I decided to do so when I was suggested by an experienced physio at Apollo Hospitals to do so since they were the cause of a pain I would always feel in my left leg. I explained that my routines were quite smartly designed and kept muscle imbalances in mind, but they were insistent that I check for hamstring imbalances. Now since the pain was in the left leg, it was assumed that that would be my weaker side and I would have to train that one to catch up to the demands of the right leg and even the quads. At the same time I had to travel to Bbay and meet one of the most senior persons in this Industry(authority and education not age). He told me that the routine had nothing wrong and that since there is an obvious problem, it’s the job of the examiner/physio/doc to try and give at least some explanation in order to save face. He asked me to go ahead and check it out by using an isolateral hamstring machine in his own private gym.

I started off with what I and obviously everyone assumed, that my right side would be stronger and so completed a set to failure on that getting in around 8-9 reps. Waited 4-5 minutes. Weaker leg. Completed 13-14 reps, same weight, and despite being done AFTER the right leg.

Repeated another effort right after that and again the same results, left stronger than the right.

That gave evidence to his claim about the Physio saving face, something I had a hunch of all the way as he couldn’t answer any of my questions or understand any of my explanations.

This didn’t help me solve the problem of course. I found out a few weeks later when we were studying about foot arches and any feet/sole related injuries and it clicked me that I had just recently change my shoes to these garbage ones that burnt a 5K whole in my wallet.

Adidas Adipure.
Like a hot chick. All looks, No substance.

And of course once one thing clicks, everything else starts falling into place and looks really simple and obvious looking back. I remember that I actually had really bad gripping issues with these pathetic shoes that I bought just to mimic bare-feet action. And bare-feet is exactly how I used to lift for the past 4 years(time of the issue). Bare feet never EVER gave me an issue with gripping the ground really tight. These stupid shoes would actually slide across the floor when I would be performing Sumo Deadlifts. Thinking back it should actually have rung alarm bells instantly  but I didn’t think about it since these shoes were actually bought under the assumption of BETTER gripping of the floor.

Not having the entire body absolutely rock solid and rigid, except work the working muscles and joints, is a guaranteed way to get injured let alone cause imbalances. In this case my entire stance was changing throughout the lift.

Moral of the story : Imbalances are largely commonplace and are most definitely going to occur in everyone.

You can strengthen your muscle imbalances by doing the same thing I did for my right hamstring, which is:-

  1. This is a bit of a positive mind tool, but accepting a certain weakness makes us accept it mentally,physically and even emotionally. (It’s a weakness we have as human beings and having larger and more advanced brains and functions compared to other animals). This is a bit of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), but always say it out loud to yourself and think it as well, “Stronger side first”. I say the same…. and then go ahead with the right hamstring.
  2. Then do the other leg, of course count the reps.
  3. Once the left is done, use the right to perform the number of reps that the left one did compared to the right. This can be done in more sets, so you could have 4 sets on the right hammie and 2 on the left, it’s a non issue as long as volume is matched
  4. In case the right can’t perform concentric by itself use both legs to perform the concentric and the right only for the eccentric. The same can be used to try and give the right a bit more of workload just in case you can mange to perform equal reps in 6 sets of combined legs, but 4:2 R:L , but you still clearly know/feel the weakness in the right leg. This way the right would be performing more work, but still only enough to bring it upto par with the left.
  5. The above are methods in which you can still keep on progressing in strength and size in your routine while having the weaker side catch up.  If you are too anal about it, you could simply limit the workload of the left leg to match that of the right leg(from the above scenario). This way you can work on only bringing up the lagging side while maintaining size and strength on the other.

Follow the above principles and let me know how it works out for you!

High Cholesterol = Bad Cholesterol = Death? OMFG?!?!?

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Hey Guys, long time no posts! Get busy with off the boards stuff, both online and offline.

For those of you who don’t know there was an incident recently which alarmed a lot of people w.r.t  my Dietary recommendations & Cholesterol issues.

Anyways wanted to address this big issue about the Cholesterol thing. I waited for XYZ to come and give his thoughts on the same after the long discussion we had about Food Cholesterol =/= Blood Cholesterol and Protein will rot our kidneys etc.

Posted Image

Click pic to see full size image of the report.

Well, my assumption was that he along with all the other doctors who saw my report would react as we told you not to eat 10-15 eggs daily and that that’s the cause of your high Cholesterol.

For those of who you don’t know. HDL = Good Choleterol, LDL = Bad Cholesterol. Obviously the whole deal about bad Cholesterol that I was getting warned about was LDL. And looking at that number at 130 was the alarm signals for most of the Docs.

Well here’s the deal about Cholesterol overall, including everything mentioned in the reports above.

LDL doesn’t give us the whole picture.
There are two types of sub molecules of LDL viz LDL-A & LDL-B.

Posted Image

Diff. types of LDL

LDL – A are big large and fluffy molecules, that are actually neutral in nature. These are way too big to get underneath the endothelial lining of the cell and start causing the plaque formation that could lead to Hypertension or Clogged Arteries.

LDL – B are smaller denser molecules that are small enough to do the above and are hence the actually bad and harmful LDL.

Can you see the problem with my reports and a doctors reactions?
There is no distinction between how much of the actual bad cholesterol I really have and how much is neutral/unimportant.

So how do we find out the real story since getting the above data is either unavailable, or extremely expensive?

Stop reading the LDL.

What are my Triglycerides?
42 (less than a third)

What is my HDL?
54 (about 3/4ths up Good) (The higher the better, since this is the one that actually picks up the bad LDL-B and avoids plaque formation in the first place)

If my Triglycerides are higher than my HDL and I’m not even talking about direct numbers, but rather overall (eg. 140/150 – T & 45/60 – HDL) I wouldn’t want to be that guy because I would die of a heart attack.

But my Triglycerides are 42 & HDL 54 , which means my LDL -A is way more than my LDL – B and everything is perfectly fine, and in fact BETTER. Because this way I have high good cholesterol for all my sexual performance and test & hormonal requirements and of course the removal of the Bad LDL-B. To top that my Triglycerides (the actual thing that causes everything from Fat Gain to LDL-B & beyond is LOW).

Posted Image

Death on a platter?

But the first thing we get advised on the scare of even preventing Bad Cholesterol issues is to stay away from Saturated Fats(Animal meats, something we have been feasting on since the dawn of mankind) and Eggs.

Well guess what :-

  • We remove Eggs from the Diet and we require Viagra for the result of lower sexual performances.
  • We feed our kids Low Fat Milk and they end up taking Alderal(sp?) since their brains can’t function as well since we removed the basic source of which the Brain is made of…. FAT!!!
  • We remove Eggs or any direct source of Food Cholesterol when we see a high LDL number. Food Cholesterol gone = HDL Loss & No difference on LDL. Well congratulations, we basically reduced the police/security and did nothing to the hooligans of Cholesterol which is LDL-B, whose main source of production is Carbohydrates. Crime ensues.
  • Best of all , we are advised to switch to other ‘UNNATURAL’ fat sources that cause Inflammation, weaken our cells and make us sick.

Case in point : Indian Jains.
These are people who don’t even touch animal meats and eggs and if I’m not mistaken some not even Milk. Well guess what, despite not taking any form of Cholesterol through the diet they have the highest number of Cholesterol and Type 2 Diabetes issues in the country!

Another case. Extreme Polar opposite.
I don’t want to go into way too much detail, but anyone who read my Ketogenic Fat Loss post would have read all about the same. —–> http://newuxtreme.wo…012/07/30/keto/
Epileptic Kids are switched to a Ketogenic diet where there is nothing bu Meat viz. Potein and Fats and Cholesterol, and a LOT of the latter might I add. Yet there Blood Lipids & Fat Loss IMPROVE. But if Fat & Cholesterol are supposed to cause all these issues, then HOW?

Both the above cases are polar opposites and both cannot be explained with this theory of Saturated Fats and Cholesterol causing all kinds of Pathologies.

I rest my case.

Vegetarian/Vegan vs Non Vegetarian/Animal Protein – Part II

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Yes I’m going to have to address this issue, first as a whole, and then from an Indian cultural/religious practices perspective. I’m also going to try and keep this as short and direct as possible.

What is a Protein?


What are important aspects of a Protein I should concern myself with?

A Protein from any source is made u of a combination of Amino Acids. There are 22(number varies 20-22  from book to book) Amino acids in total.-

9 Non – Essential, meaning not required directly from food, since the body can get them from other sources within the body.

2 Conditionally Essential, meaning required only if you feel that you need a faster recovery/better immunity and other requirements.

9 Essential. YOU NEED TO GET THESE FROM YOUR FOOD. These cannot be manufactured in the body and cannot be formed from other proteins. You need these for proper functioning of you body.


I explained Biological Value/BV in the previous post on protein as well where I explained classes. Second class sources of Protein, will never have all the 9 EAAs present in them. First class sources will always have all 9 EAAs present in them in some combination or the other.


Why are Amino Acids important/How do they work?

I’m going to paste this amazing picture that helps us understand a lot simpler and quicker.

This is going to help me explain the importance of amino acid combination much better.

When you eat any Protein food, it doesn’t straight away get picked up and transported directly to your muscles(or your skin/hair/organs/enzymes – all protein formations).

First the food is digested/broken down into it’s component amino acids, and are put into what is called as an Amino Acid Pool. Then the body decides what needs to be repaired/rebuilt (hair/skin/muscle etc) and then picks up the amino acids it requires for their formation and goes ahead with the work.

Hypothetical example:-

If muscle protein requires amino acids 1, 2,3, and 4. Where 4 is an EAA, whereas 1,2 & 3 are all Non-EAAs.

If we take in 50 gms of protein from Dal/Nuts/Pulses/Legumes or any Second class source. We are going to be getting only 1-2-3-? but no 4. So despite having the 50 gms of Protein, the muscle is not being made/developed.

So we triple the amount and take in 150gms of protein from the same sources… Guess what?!? NOTHING HAPPENS! You still don’t have EAA-4!

However we add 1 gm of First Class protein from Milk/Whey/Casein/Chicken/Beef/Fish/Human and we get the EAA 4. That gets dropped into the Amino Acid pool, it gets picked up with the rest of 1,2 & 3 and we finally have the amount of muscle that can be built from 1gm of Protein. Those 149gms of Second class sources were a complete waste.

What are Protein/Carb/XYZ sources?

If a doctor prescribes a powerful drug called A which you require in 1mg. Would you be going to the chemist and finding that stand alone A which gives you exactly 1mg per serving, or would you buy a multi drug cocktail with 1mcg(microgram) of A and a couple of milligrams of B,C & D other potentially strong and harmful drugs?

I think the answer is quite simple and obvious. But for some reason people do not apply the same logic with foods, especially Protein, at least in the Indian society.

If you want 100gms of Protein for rebuilding/repairing your muscles, then have 100gms of First class protein. Don’t have 20gms of Protein coming in from Dal, 10gms from nuts and 50 gms from Soya and what not other sources.

For something to be a source of anything, the item has to have majority proportion in the ingredient list. In a vati/serving of Dal, you have about 5-8 gms of Inferior quality protein, and 20+ grams of Carbs! How is that a protein source? It’s not the job of your wife or mother to find this out for you, if you want results, it’s YOUR job to know the good from the bad and have the required.

How do some Vegetarians still manage to get big and strong?

This question has a lot of varied yet rather interesting answers.

First of all, especially in our Indian cuisine, we dominantly have mixing of second class sources, sometimes called as complementary proteins viz. Pulses and Legumes, grains and seeds, grains with nuts/seeds or legumes with nuts/seeds. Some examples would be Dal & Rice, peanut butter/toast, rice/beans and humus, which is chickpeas and sesame paste mixed together. So instead of taking one food source that would satisfy the requirement, you try and play mix and match and never end up knowing whether or not you actually got in enough protein or not. Not the smartest solution.

Legendary “Vegan” Bodybuilder – Bill Pearl.
Correction – Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian*

Secondly, and shockingly many people don’t know which vegetarian one is talking about.  There are different classes of being vegetarians also:-

  1. Semi-Vegetarian :-
    A pollo vegetarian avoids red meat and fish but eats chicken.
    A pesco pollo vegetarian avoids red meat but eats chicken and fish.
  2. Lacto ovo vegetarian: A lacto ovo vegetarian diet excludes meat, fish, and poultry but includes dairy products and eggs.
  3. Lacto vegetarian: A lacto vegetarian diet excludes meat, fish, and poultry, as well as eggs and any foods containing eggs. A lacto vegetarian would, however, eat dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese.
  4. “I-don’t-know-what-the-fuck-I-am-but-it-sounds-cool-to-be-named-a-vegetarian” vegetarian : Person who can have anything of whatever they want whenever they feel like, but like to be called vegetarians publicly so that it sounds like they have some form of discipline in life. Increasingly found all over the internetz and in teh real wurldz.
  5. Vegan – TRUE “VEGETARIAN”
    Technically, the term vegan refers to more than just the diet alone. A vegan is a vegetarian who avoids eating or using all animal products, including meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products, any foods containing by-products of these ingredients, wool, silk, leather, and any nonfood items made with animal byproducts. Some vegans avoid honey.

What about Soya?

Rubbish. Addressed in previous protein post, link above.


But I have a friends friend who is pure vegetarian and he’s Mr. Olympia! Herp-Derp!

I am 6’2” 78.4 kgs at the time of this post. I am currently sick from allergies. I also have no Punjabi/Haryanvi genetics, rather mine are from the North which thankfully make me tall and good looking(or at least are supposed to :p ).

Yet 4 days ago I hit a Deadlift PR of 164.75kgs for 3 reps.

If I was Black/had African American Genetics, I would be thrice my current size, ripped/lower body fat and probably would deadlift ~ 190kg.

If I was a foot shorter, I would probably be Deadlifting 220kg.

If I was the above and had my knowledge and education I would probably be Dead-lifting 270kg+.  And these are some very miserly estimates.

If I was all the above, with a few 10-15 years of experience, and on top of that had Ronnie Coleman’s insane genetics, an insane, inhuman hard-working mentality,  and top, state of the art Doctors with perfect drug cycles, I would probably never be defeated as Mr. Olympia.
And if even then, at that level, at the very top of the top of competitive human potential, I was vegetarian. And I then switched to non-vegetarian, I would be better than my own previous self. And there is nothing better than that, to get better than what you were the day before.


No matter what level you are, no matter what genetics you are given, no matter where you come from, the right sciences in training and nutrition are going to improve your performance. Because that’s why they are the “right” sciences and that’s why they have been developed, to help you get better.

‘Nuff said.



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